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BenjiLock Door

SKU BL2001-150
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The Benjilock Fingerprint Deadbolt brings security to your fingertips with a biometric sensor that quickly scans a fingerprint and opens the deadbolt with a single touch.  Users whose fingerprints are not programmed into the lock can still unlock the deadbolt without fumbling with keys.  Entering an authorized access code into the digital keypad will unlock the deadbolt.  Not ready to give up your key?  The deadbolt also comes with a traditional key to unlock.

  • State of the art fingerprint sensor technology
  • Stores up to 10 fingerprints and up to 25 user codes
  • Setup is done on the Benjilock deadbolt after installation.  No software or Wi-Fi needed
  • Illuminated capacitive touch screen
  • Randomizing digital numbers eliminates touch patterns on the touchscreen
  • Download the Bilt app for installation videos and programming details
  • ANSI Grade 2
  • 4 AA size batteries included
Color: Bronze